Money properly invested – Risks, opportunities and how to optimise your assets!

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Check and optimize your assets – your money!

Stocks, bonds, the good old Gold: Which dream home becomes a nightmare ?
And with what system you could be perfectly happy ? Is your money really created right? The asset check reveals risks and opportunities.

To ensure that your custodian is an open book for you.

The risk has a name: the formation of lumps . The clumping describes the tendency of many contemporaries to concentrate their money on just a few possibilities . Even more risky : a single possibility . Some investors are betting on only one asset class – for example in real estate or exclusively on the day and time deposit . Why is this dangerous? Because no one knows if the interest rates , stock prices , housing prices or the price of gold at most ten increase in the coming years. Many believe : „If I have a range of financial products , my fortune is widely spread by itself. “ But the fact is that many products are investing in the same markets . This is particularly true for investment funds. Often investors do not know how exactly make up the fund of their choice. Risk lumping so there is also here . Haunting is an example , which began at the height of the financial crisis. Federal Republic of Germany , autumn 2008. A woman invested 30,000 euros in two certificates . 30,000 € – all she has placed in her life aside. 30,000 euros for their retirement . The papers , in which she has put this money were pegged to the Euro Stoxx 50 . In the fateful year 2008, that broke a solid . The assets that the lady had used shrank in a startling way . From their 30,000 Euros were 7,000 .

Going for a swim with the investment

Lifelike are other examples :

Investors who divide their assets in large part on the day and time deposits or , to a lesser extent , on investments. Ship investments , for example , with which investors were sometimes bathe . Because the start of the crisis in the shipping industry five years ago had been registering more than 200 fund ships insolvency . New business almost came to a complete standstill . Hop or top: The Investor and its decisions. Often he is making the wrong choice. Sometimes this is a natural given phenomenon . A natural in the true sense of the word problem here is to basically – the disposition of man. The human behavior favoring losses and lack of success , for example in financial investments. The principle: Investors hope for a quick profit and follow their gut feeling.

Emotional Traps of investors :

Reliance on familiar

False: Many investors are facts on the trail that confirm their opinion .
Correct: consider different facts also and especially of one’s own opinion !

Hasty happiness

Wrong: Often investors realize their profits too early.
Correct: Planned realize ! Everything else harms the development of the assets .

Sense of defeat

Incorrect: When a depot crashes into the red , investors look to for too long and sell too late.
Correct: ignore depot development not !

Lack of analysis

Wrong: The cause of losses is often not analyzed.
Correct: analyze losses , so Miss successes have a learning effect . No clear objective ? No strategy for the investment? The asset check finds solutions from psycho – trap. Pitfall clumping – these are offset by other ways of investing . These include stocks , balanced funds or so-called corporate and convertible bonds. This movement – with particular focus on risk – between fixed-income savings and investments. However, many investors see shares with skepticism. One positive development on the stock exchange they watch passively , even with a clearly strong upward trend.
Most only at the end are seriously active inexperienced private investors. They often ignore the alluring world economy as well as influences of the zero interest rate policy of the central banks. However, anyone who wants to increase his money should think about a particular stock share . Where does the often hesitant attitude ?
Many savers should the Euro crisis haunt still in my head. Because the fear of a second crisis is big. In this situation, some savers look to other currency areas .
For Norway , the country has a solidly financed budget , low debt and a favorable demographics . For investors here long-term perspectives are crucial to ensure that such investment to be worthwhile.

Open-ended property funds?

What about open real estate funds ? Are they this year to make a comeback ? One thing is clear : In the still existing on the open real estate market , the legal situation has improved. For investments in real estate funds since the summer of 2013 special rules apply – a notice period of twelve months or a minimum holding period of 24 months. This reduces the risk of liquidity -related closures is reduced. The open-ended property fund remains an option , for example, for investors who wish to purchase any own property as an investment. But beware of the belief that returns that existed before the crisis , also can be achieved today. Success of real estate funds : It may be a decent product , if its investments are sufficiently diversified countercyclical when its population is good and has a certain size.
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Advantage of opportunities !

Most people are not successful in their investments . This is due less to the individual but to the general human behaviors that favor the losses. Who knows , at least has a better chance to avoid them : Often there is no clear goal and no clear strategy for the investment of funds. Instead, investors follow a tip or a gut feeling in the hope of quick profits . When it comes to asset check vulnerabilities and false hopes . The Custodian 2014: Is used to create your money right? In an interview with independent financial experts not only risks to be disclosed , but especially opportunities.
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